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trusted partners

We introduce a new milestone for the financial sector with challenges built on expertise and innovation.

Investing toward
a better future

We initiate future developments and invest in a brighter future.

New Value

We have a value-creating investment strategy that enhances
the company’s values by building on our wealth of investment experience.

Noh & Partners
fulfills a company's vision
We are a private-equity fund that creates new values
by discovering state-of-the-art companies at the cutting edge of future transformations.
Value of

NOH & PARTNERS adheres to basic investing principles and engages in
value-creating investment to boost corporate performance and strategic values over time
by participating in management activities following acquisition of companies

Excellence in investment

Through our extensive investment experience,
we increase corporate value of businesses and generate new values

Investment Philosophy

We invest in businesses that are leading the way in the changes of the new era.


We will build new values by taking on our social responsibilities as we evolve into a specialized investment company, and will strive for a better world and a better future


NOH & PARTNERS supports companies on the path to growth while they are at the forefront of the changing times.

  • WCP

    EV / Rechargeable battery

    Produce separators, one of the four core materials for EV batteries

  • Londian Wason

    EV / Rechargeable battery

    Produce coffer foils, core material for EV batteries

  • UXN

    Bio / Healthcare

    Develop & produce Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems(CGMSs)

  • Hansbiomed

    Bio / Healthcare

    Develop & produce the first Korean bone/skin grafting materials

  • Compass Therapeutics

    Bio / Healthcare

    Develop a new drug for improved bispecific antibodies for cancer therapy

  • SR


    Localization of DICING SAW, post-processing equipment for semiconductor


    AI / Metaverse

    Produce AI human based on deep learning

  • Coating Korea


    Company specialized in human-friendly piping materials

  • Open Exchange


    Supply a safe and reliable virtual conference

  • Recensmedical


    Precision cooling-based ophthalmic medical device development and production

  • Seoul Robotics


    Radar based 3D machine vision

  • HSG Sungdong Shipbuilding

    Offshore wind power/marine and offshore plant

    Jacket and floating substructures, eco-friendly vessels

  • Sang-A Frontec

    Super Engineering Plastic

    Hydrogen fuel cell membranes and EV battery CAP ASS'Y component development and production.

  • Rebellions

    AI Semiconductor

    Inference-focused AI semiconductor fabless design and associated S/W development.