Excellence in

We enhance and develop the company’s values based on
our experience and investment expertise.

Investment Philosophy

We are driving global change while
investing in companies with strong growth potential

  • Expertise in
    future growing sectors

    We have diversified investment experience associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and continue to expand our expertise in future growth industries by using industrial research, partner organizations, and the SI database

  • Discover companies
    with strong growth potential

    In addition to the financial, personnel, and technological factors of companies to invest in, we examine and assess a likelihood of an industry's future growth to find companies with strong growth potential.

  • Create new values for target companies
    for investment

    We aim to promote the values of
    target companies for investment,
    not only through financial support
    and improving their organizational
    structure, but also by strengthening
    their technological competitiveness
    and the products.

  • Global

    We develop a co-operative network with world-class companies and design a variety of strategies for generating synergies by supporting investment targets with R&D, and domestic & global market expansion.

Investing toward
a Better Future

  • Environment

    Discover companies associated with environmental/energy-friendly industries

    Value investment for the future generation

    Implement protection for the environment

  • Social

    Mutual growth with society

    Respect of diversity

    Happiness of management and employees

  • Governance

    Improvement of the ethical management system

    Establishment of an autonomous organizational culture

    Disclosure of transparent investment information